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08-23-2012, 02:22 PM
So... before I joined this fleet.. I played 1/4 of the game:
  • I didn't PvP; I hated the attitude that some brought to the PvP environment.
  • I didn't STF; I wanted to but I really didn't know how and PUG's were fairly unsatisfying to all concerned as a result.
  • And I had completely missed the social aspects of the game, which is almost as much fun as playing it.
The thing this fleet did , was provide me an environment where it was safe, and fun to learn how to PvP and how to run an STF... and did I mention that its fairly casual, and *Fun*.

So if you want to learn, or want to have fun, or want to meet some like minded "mature" players to talk to, join...
Richard Silk, EU Liaison Officer, TOS Veterans Fleet