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08-23-2012, 02:31 PM
When I pug STF's these days... I find that most people know what they're doing and I hardly have any problems. That's probably because most people are into fleet marks these days and the only ones in STF's are the people who know what they're doing.

But there's always one STF I find that people consistently mess up.

Cure Space Elite.

The mistakes are consistent too.

Players, in their attempt to destroy the probes, tend to ignore the birds of prey that slip through and gangbeat on the IKS Kang. That leaves me trying to scramble to stop whatever BoPs slipped through and type at the people to remind them that they're responsible for their own side's BoP's. Can't be everywhere at once!

Then there's the people who blow the first cube way too early, before all the probes are cleared.

I tell them to kill the probes first, then move onto the next set of probes.

But someone always stays behind and blazes away at the cube (and sometimes even ignores the BoPs that pass by.

So I tell them to kill the cube later and go kill more probes, or else we'll be swamped in Raptors and we'll take three times as long (if the Raptor tsunami doesn't whack the Kang first).

Yet they still blaze away.

I warn them again. 'Ok, cube is at 10%, leave it alone or you'll doom us all!'.

I go back to destroying probes and hope I don't see that inevitable flash on the screen that comes from a detonated Borg cube.

But more often than not it comes... and it's an 'Oh hell!' kind of moment as I scramble to position myself to Eject Warp Plasma onto the nearest Raptor wave that's spawned.

If we're lucky and we respond quickly, we can stop the raptors before they turn the Kang into atomized dust, but it's a hard grind to deal with raptor swarms and probes at the same time.

And I'd sooner deal with Negh'var swarms. There's only one at a time and they're slower.

Also, I notice that the premature borg cube detonators also tend to not know how to deal with an oncoming raptor swarm. There were many times when my constant warp plasma farting and heavy damage wasn't enough. I prayed for someone to lob a gravity well or at least throw a tac team on the Kang while my abilities were on cooldown... only to be let down.

So yeah... that's my STF fail story of the day.