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08-23-2012, 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by mexxxme View Post
You're trying to argue apples VS oranges here Jex - your issues are nonsequeter to this thread - we're not talking about exploits - or the ridiculous ideas posted by *some* players.

I'm talking about the broad sweeping decisions that are upsetting a *large* cross-section of the community, *breaking* things - not fixing exploits.

Also - your arguement is flawed - because it's always possible for something to be engineered incorrectly
It is? OP specifically questioned decisions regarding DOffs and Fleet Starbases. My responses deal with issues involving both of those things, and that the playerbases has been angry about. I'm dead on topic.

And, as to my argument being "flawed". The devs trying to make their creation work as intended doesn't mean it lacks flaws, just that there's a way they want it to work, so they're trying to make it work that way. The implication wasn't that it was perfect, just that it was what they wanted.