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Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
yes i know, the power required is electric but for the ship to travel to lets say Mars in 2 or less months, it will require Megawatts + of power which today only nuclear reactors can, even the CEO of Ad astra behind the company behind the Vasimr engine says so, unless the e-cat fusion/fission reactor story is not fake then that will change things.

Also the Russians have already made a space nuclear reactor decades ago so it is possible. NASA has made one and tested it on an ion engine years ago too.
i know, but you referenced nuclear plants originally as being a potential problem...not individual reactors. plants are strictly ground based, so the new scientist story while interesting, is irrelevant concerning the VASMR engine.

the story on waste disposal itself...just another indication of anti-nuke nuts with more money/time than brains. funny part, they gripe about the short sightedness of politicians etc...yet are no better themselves.