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Right now I'm running 2DHC+2 Quantums myself, but I'm worried I'm suffering from placebo effect. It feels great against the Gates in KASE for example, but it feels pretty ****ty against Tac Cubes or on Kang defense duty. But it's all gut feeling, I didn't parse any combat logs yet. I really should to get this uncertainty out of my system
Assuming no BOFF ability changes, I can probably guess that you'll find you're a bit better off versus structures and a bit slower versus shielded targets. (Donatra, for example. Her shield regenerates so quickly that she's better faced with cannons, no question)

4x DHC builds work by throwing raw energy damage at your target, which is good against both shields and hull. The builds with Torpedos can only compete in terms of single target damage by introducing DOFFs into the equation, and even then they'll find it hard to catch up with the DHC builds against targets with more than minimal shielding. But for AoE or Spike damage the torpedo builds wll certainly pull ahead.

And it's a balancing act too... as USSUltimatum has pointed out, if you drop the torps and are just focussing on ST damage then you can specialise your abilities better.

For example, if you're running 4xDHCs and cycling ABP3/APB2 and CRF2/CRF1 then you'll have far better damage over time versus single targets than someone running 2xDHCs/2xQuantums and cycling APB3, TS3, CSV1 and CRF1 - even allowing for whatever you're shooting at being unshielded, the first build would pull ahead versus single targets. But conversely, the best AoE spike damage you can do is going to be from a combination such as APB3 + CSV1 + TS3... so it really depends on whether you're going for Single Target damage ("Kill the Gateway!") or AoE damage ("Kill the Probes/BoPs/Raptors!") or a mixture of both.

Personally I went through a phase of trying 2x Photons and 2x DHC (with 2x Projectile DOFFs photons are technically still slightly better sustained DPS than Quantums), but the spike damage from Torpedo Spread and HYT went down too much to make it workable, so I've settled on 2x DHC + 2x Quantums for STFs (due to the Borg Proc and all the unshielded targets) and 3x DHC + 1x Quantum for general missions and Fleet raids.

(Note: if you have the Quad Cannon available feel free to use it in place of a DHC)

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