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I have one and I am going to give it away.

But I am going to be a little self-serving about it. Click on my signature below to watch my, well, I guess they call it a Let's Play series. But I hope it's a little more entertaining than that.

Here are the rules: watch the STO videos (I have a Minecraft and Spore series as well, but those are NOT part of this promotion).

That's all.

In two weeks, I'll post a new thread with a link to a "test" where I will ask things like "in which video did Chill's Borg BOff first vaporize a Klingon?" Answer all of the answers correctly and you will get put into the drawing for the Tholian Carrier.

First name I draw gets the Carrier. Second name I draw gets a Mirror Battleship. Third name I draw gets a Gambling Device.

1st Prize: Tholian Carrier
2nd Prize: Mirror Battleship
3rd Prize: Gambling Device

Faux Legal Stuff
No purchase is required to participate and subscribing to my youtube channel is not required in order to win nor does it improve your chances to win. Though it may help as the test will most likely include questions covering videos I have not even filmed yet.

Simply pass the test in order to have your name put into a hat. I'll explain more details of the test when I post it. But I will go ahead and say I will post the answers to a file-sharing service the day I post the test. The answers on that file will be considered the final correct answers and will be made public when I reveal the winners.

Odds of winning will depend on the number of people who participate. In other words, probably better than opening a lockbox, though I don't grant Lobi as a consolation prize .

The drawing of the names will be filmed and published. Winners will be contacted via in-game email to set up prize delivery (which will also be recorded (but not published) on my end for insurance purposes).
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