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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
i didn't say drive i said repair, and i didn't say their own car i said yours. not a matter of mental instability either, it's reality. your expectations are too high and unrealistic. and kindly don't call yourself a gamer...that's an embarrassment to real gamers. gamers expect only what they can deliver, nothing more, nothing less. realize that relying on randoms is just that, random, no expectations from people you don't know.

the only people you can count on usually is a static group or players you know...everyone else can do whatever they want and do. the only person that may need to have their assessment of reality modified is you. to expect as if it's a given that people will act as you want them too is...naive. to say the least. megalomania to say the worst.

it's a game, and one people will play how they want regardless of your expectations. if they want to run an stf just to screw it up for everyone because that's how they get their jollies they will. what's fun for you doesn't apply to everyone. either accept that the world doesn't work the way you want or expect it to or become a hermit...because it's not going to change.
i almost thought you were a troll when i read your last sentance...
is expecting first grade level competentcy unrealistic? no. granted, not expecting trolls may be a bit much, but having chat open is not.
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