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08-23-2012, 07:15 PM
Originally Posted by mirai222 View Post
That wouldn't really be feasible. The patch includes everything from large changes to tiny bug fixes, and everything in between. The devs try to figure out which information is the most important, and pass that along in the patch notes. They might also intentionally leave out some information related to exploits, or just stuff they don't want to talk about for whatever reason.

You wouldn't want to see notes full of things like "Moved enemy spawn point from 256, -13, 48 to 215, -12, 48 on the Ferflickl planet map", would you?
actually yes i think i would. it would help us, the community, figure out what fixes may have caused unintended bugs etc etc. since their QA department sucks, they might as well give us the tools to help them do it.