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Originally Posted by bannon3 View Post
Oh I know my friend, but I got nothing to do so I will try it then throw it back at Tech Support when it fails. 4 Days to Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC!! Then I will stop caring about this for awhile, its getting old and tiring.

There we go, have it installing to C:\Program Files\Cryptic Studios, not that it matters
Pretty please don't give up on being persistent in resolving this matter Bannon3! Having been a daily reader and occasional poster on these forums since January, I've noticed that the only manner in which any tech issues get resolved around here is when players are united in their persistence to either find a solution or persistent enough to pressure the Devs and Techs towards resolving a problem.

We must remain persistent and vigilant, 'cause it's certainly not looking as though the folks at Cryptic/PWE have been!
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