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Hi all!

This is a general question really, but what is the best set for each career type? I ask because most of the fleet mates I speak to say 'MACO, MACO, MACO' and that's it.

Ignoring the fact that I prefer the visuals of the Omega kit over the MACO kit (it just looks more 'tactical'), my main concern is that I'm currently grinding a Tactical VA through the Ground STFs (with an aim to eventually start sending my Engineer and Science officers through them once they hit lvl 44) and I'd hate to drop 120EDC for the Mk XI set only to discover I've gotten the wrong one.

So, looking at the stats on STOWiki, the MACO set has greater survivability but the Omega set gives you a damage dealing and crit buff, as well as some avoidance/threat reduction (I think). What would be more crucial for each type of career?

Apologies if this is a terrible question, but I'm just looking to make the right choice first time.


P.S. I say Mk XI kit because I'm a believer in setting realistic goals and with Rare/Prototype drops being rarer than rocking horse dung (for me anyway - have had 1 Rare Borg Salvage in the 60 STFs I've done so far) I'm aiming for MK XI.