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There are a few things that keep getting requested and understandably are never resolved because they are somewhat impractical under the current game engine but i think i have a few really practical solutions to some of these problems.

#1 everyone wants more play-ability with the bridge. with the fact that the interior of the ship is a level in of itself this poses an issue. I think a good solution for that would be to simply set up a tactical mode like bridge commander. where you don't really move but you can fight from the view screen and give commands to your bridge crew. only logistic problem i can see with that is there would need to be one for every bridge theoretically unless turning your view to the sides and behind wasn't an option. but if this was done people would use the hell out of it so it wouldn't be wasted.

#2 more practical bridges please! honestly there are how many variations on the galaxy bridge but what about voyager, or NX-01, or the akira class. these bridges are a little more compact, practical and some of peoples favorites. i think most of the bridges we have available now aren't really worth the time they took to make as it is but these ones would be used and would be more appropriate for a wider range of ships. but hands down we need more simple compact bridges. some of them have more square footage than my house.

#3 the ship display on the bridges. They always miss the mark for me. so two suggestions, allow an upload option for custom imagery there or eliminate it all together together.

#4 and i think this is the real genius one and it would be so simple allow an option for the ships to basically auto pilot itself to the next mission start location while we take care of our business inside the ship basically allowing enough practical time for the journey and when the ship would have arrived our first officer tells us we are there and when we exit the bridge after the allotted time we are at the next mission.

bottom line everyone keeps saying the devs don't bother with the bridges cuz no one uses them but i think we would if some time and thought was put into it.