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08-23-2012, 11:03 PM
Okay I saw S1 uniform pack and though great for my fed since I like TNG but my not buy it for the following reason
1. All the S1 uniforms are not there
No Original Troi skirt
No man skirts(Not that my character would wear them but would be good to use.
Some of the gear was giving by Worf so whats the point.
Finally You never release anything new for the KDF for months (EVA suit doesnt count as it is overpriced and per character) and you wonder why the player base is so low. The thing I am thinking of doing is not buying anything for my fed toon again unless the KDF get some love. And not some haircuts I mean proper content and not rehashed fed missions either.

Think this will fall on deaf ears but thought I would give it a try