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08-23-2012, 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
i almost thought you were a troll when i read your last sentance...
is expecting first grade level competentcy unrealistic? no. granted, not expecting trolls may be a bit much, but having chat open is not.
troll because of the last sentence? trying to be nice...but you just don't get it. people in the game as people in RL aren't going to do anything you expect them to. why should they? they have their own ideas, they're not robots nor clones of you. you expecting anything from 4 strangers is unrealistic.

if the real world doesn't work that way...why would a game? you don't even get that first, second, third or whatever grade competency does not matter...they'll act how they want. in fact some, if they know it bugs you or others will do so intentionally. it isn't age, it isn't's individual personalities.

chat open? perhaps many of them do...and just choose not to respond...ever think of that? that they're sitting there laughing at all the people yelling at them?