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Originally Posted by kyeto13 View Post
#3 If you are talking about the LCARS ship systems display on the back of the ship... there is nothing you can do about that short of having a dev draw every possible combination of ships, decks and configurations possible. Again, not worth the man hours to pull off.

As far as the coding requirements go?

That depends if you read assembly, write libraries to decode image standard "because you can", and have no issues with playing games with a EULA. The first two are hobbies. The last one, I can not lawfully do, so I don't.

Unless you want to claim Cyptic write their own graphic drivers for each and every video card out there, package it with their game? It really is as easy and finding where the RGBA values are decoded before feeding them to a rendering engine or driver?

It really is as easy as just rewriting a single number in memory.

Though, you would have to know how to format what your redirecting the game to.

Edit: The only real limit would be how bored you are, and what you have on hand to replace the image with.

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