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And as far as making more bridge packs, as of now, not worth their time. The devs have their hands full trying to blast out new content to us. Making new ships, new events, writing new missions, tweaking the game engine. Since the bridges are a social zone mostly that few people use, the amount of effort they put into making a bridge would not be worth how many people are going to see it/use it. If they were to remodel, say ESD, then EVERYONE would see it. That would be worth the artist time and manhours to make

#3 If you are talking about the LCARS ship systems display on the back of the ship... there is nothing you can do about that short of having a dev draw every possible combination of ships, decks and configurations possible. Again, not worth the man hours to pull off

#4 This one was suggested not a week before you in some other thread. Again, I point you towards my first few paragraphs: Your Ship and your captain CANNOT coexist. When one is up, the other is stored away in the sever. The only way to do this would be to say "start mission." and then have you go to an interior map of a ship as the first thing. (not sure if there is any guarantee that it is the players chosen interior that is pulled up.) You dink around for a few objectives and when the objectives are done, you have a pop up saying "We're here, captain!" But it would in no way be a "wander around the ship and wiping consoles with a white rag" type stuff. You have to put in specific objects that must be finished in order to pull this off. So it might feel forced or out of character for some people.
they have access to possibly thousands of people who do 3d design FOR FUN open up the design of the bridges to other people to. that way they get more content they can make money off of and don't have to do the work. my biggest aggravation with the devs here is how much demand they will get for something simple and ignore it saying its not with the time no one uses it. obviously if you've got hundreds of posts asking for the nx-enterprise bridge and the voyager bridge obviously people are going to use it. cannon bridges should have been the first ones they made the other custom bridges were most likely the waste. and they rip us off with those because you can't actually see the bridge till you pay an arm and leg in credits (even more in zen) before you see it. and i'll point out again there's like 10 freaking versions of the galaxy bridge set up in more than one set if i recall correctly.

the lcars display as i said i can't see it being that hard for a custom image you choose or at least a collection to choose from of the most popular styles (which are already exist out there for example akira, intrepid, constitution style cruisers etc, that you select as part of your customization in the ship yard. they could have at-least gone with the more common to begin with. i find it hard to believe the 4 nacelle assault cruiser and the sphere fronted science vessel are the most common but they stick out the most when they're on the wrong ship

and the last one like i said we aren't talking anymore about the simultaneous ship and captain. i mean they have timers all over this game for the pve ques the duty roster assignments the trans warp cool down, all it would have to do is set your next mission load and send you to the inside of your ship for the allotted time. it would bring more realism, the time you spend in your ship wouldn't be taking away from game play time and would be alot less boring than subspace when you have to go through multiple sector blocks.

and yes imagination is wonderful but on that note we could go back to the days of yahoo groups with text based role playing.

and another idea that has been suggested that make sense why cant the user interface in flight mode look like its its inside just a view-screen. nice little border with your UI built in?