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I think you're misunderstanding the way Bridge and Duty officers work. There is no "level cap" on your bridge officers and there never has been, before or after F2P. And you can run whatever combination of officers in your Away Team as you like. I almost never run with my Tacs, for example. It doesn't matter what rank they have.

Bridge Officers are always at the highest rank you have promoted them to. In order to promote them you need to spend skill points (or expertise) to upgrade their skills, and then select "Promote" from the options menu in the Status window. Promoting officers (to a maximum rank of Commander) unlocks their skills.

The "Commander science" and other things you have on your ship are your Bridge Officer Stations. The only thing an Officer Station does is determine what officers can sit in the station (Tactical/Science/Engineering) and what level of unlocked skill they can use. So, even if you have a Commander Science officer, if you sit that officer in an Ensign Science Station, he will only be able to use the Ensign-level (lowest-level) power that he has.

As for Duty Officers, Duty Officers have no rank, just a quality. Purple > Blue > Green > White. Duty Officers are used for Duty Officer Assignments, and nowhere else. You may "equip" up to 10 Duty Officers (5 space and 5 ground) to give you special effects in combat depending on the type and quality of the Duty Officer. Equipping a Duty Officer means you can't send it out on an assignment, but that's it.

I mistated the duty officer. I meant the department head. This has to be a bridge officer. Does rank affect the missions they have?

What's the point in making officers that can't do more than the station allows. For away team it's pretty important because of the gear they can equip.

Oh and there is a rank cap if I recall correctly. You can't have any officer over commander. Also you can not promote an officer to equal rank to yourself, for lower levels. If I recall correctly if you do this, starfleet or kdf takes the officer away.

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