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Originally Posted by aramath View Post
I mistated the duty officer. I meant the department head. This has to be a bridge officer. Does rank affect the missions they have?

What's the point in making officers that can't do more than the station allows. For away team it's pretty important because of the gear they can equip.
Department heads are optional, and their rank has no effect on the quality of the Doff assignments offered....

Now Whats the Point? For Space combat, the BOs are limited by the level of their console seat, and BO skill points spent on higher space skills are wasted. (That is, unless you want to try a different class of ship in the future, with a different console seat arrangement)

For Ground Combat, there is no artificial skill use restriction. So you want your away team to be of highest possible rank (to make those more advance ground available) and BO Skill points spent on those high rank skills to increase their effectiveness...

Originally Posted by aramath View Post
Oh and there is a rank cap if I recall correctly. You can't have any officer over commander. Also you can not promote an officer to equal rank to yourself, for lower levels. If I recall correctly if you do this, starfleet or kdf takes the officer away.
Actually, you simply can't promote a BO to equal or greater rank then yourself, or accept in trade or transfer a BO equal or higher then yourself....

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