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Originally Posted by onenonlydrock View Post

Then there's the people who blow the first cube way too early, before all the probes are cleared.

I tell them to kill the probes first, then move onto the next set of probes.
there is an alternate way that work very good and people often ignore (and and talk about noobs without even thinking).

one defend the kang (if necessary 2 player) all the others destroy the generators of the first (usually the right) cube. While destroying the probes is important to destroy immediatelly every ship that spawn from that cube (so you help the one defending the kang).

then destroy the generators of the central cube (remember to destroy immediately all ships that spawn from that cube, the one defending the kang now have to defend only from left and right).

than is better to destroy the first cube and immediatelly attack the raptor that spawn from the other cubes (it is not difficult, they stay grouped).

destroy the second cube before other raptors spawn... again it is not so difficult: 2 players are enough so think about how fast 4 players can be while the 5th defend from the left cube).

Now the neghvars: they are slow and stay grouped and all of the 5 players can concentrate on them... destroy them (3 players are enough so 2 can start destroying the nanite generators), destroy the nanite generators an d then the cube. While attacking the last cube one player can go back to hail the kang as soon as possible.

In my experience this tactic work very well even with a casual team, It is difficult to fail the optional and very difficult to fail the mission... unless palyers have a very low dps (and you know cure elite is DPS oriented).

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