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08-24-2012, 03:04 AM
Here's idea for 'fighting from inside the bridge'. (you'd lose the ability look around properly, but if that's your cup of tea ...)

Just replace what the player see for a ship model as a tiny room, place the player's PoV inside, and cutout the view screen so the play can see what's outside. Then just redraw the power bar and such displays on the bridge. Some scale issues may pop, but that should already be taken care of the same scale code models sizes to simulate distance.

It would have almost zero functional use, but it could be done with by some creative model hacking.

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... #4 This one was suggested not a week before you in some other thread. Again, I point you towards my first few paragraphs: Your Ship and your captain CANNOT coexist. ...
Also, I have no idea where you get that idea. What technical requirement bars it? Sure, the could have shot them selves in the foot done thing dirty, but as far as I know the game is nearly a total conversion of City of Heroes. Even some of the consul commands and the macro prefix ($$) seem to have carried over! With "ships" also using the flight power set with of the numbers on a slider rather then a fixed set of variables, and captains ground bound.