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#4 This one was suggested not a week before you in some other thread. Again, I point you towards my first few paragraphs: Your Ship and your captain CANNOT coexist. When one is up, the other is stored away in the sever. The only way to do this would be to say "start mission." and then have you go to an interior map of a ship as the first thing. (not sure if there is any guarantee that it is the players chosen interior that is pulled up.) You dink around for a few objectives and when the objectives are done, you have a pop up saying "We're here, captain!" But it would in no way be a "wander around the ship and wiping consoles with a white rag" type stuff. You have to put in specific objects that must be finished in order to pull this off. So it might feel forced or out of character for some people.
As a matter of fact, there was a properly functional idea back before the forum switch incorporating a timer similar to doff assignments. Basically you'd input your destination, and the game would calculate the shortest time to reach it given your maximum warp speed (this may cause issues with slipstream) at the time. Do whatever you want while the timer ticks off, maybe roleplay a bit... and in so-and-so minutes you're on Defera, or DS9, or in the Mutara Nebula, or wherever.

Leaving the bridge would be the tricky bit, as you'd have to extrapolate the ship's position during that moment, stop the timer, and put the ship to those coordinates. Very, very, very tricky.

Edit: Also, while trying to type this message in, I got stuck in some strange preview mode It seems I can now edit the page? Assuming there isn't any protection against that, that is. Which there probably is. Not that I mind, I just want to get out of said view.

Re-edit: Okay, that's done. Ignore my above edit.

Re-re-edit: And apparently I could just as easily have brought up the tools or whatever OUTSIDE the view.
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