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A easy to access target range would be nice so you can see what your new and shiny toys can do without having to do all the other things you have to do in a fight to keep from doing something bothersome. Like go up in a ball of flames.

A holo-deck version of the STFs where someone can walk through and have each objective high-lighted to be explained by a fleet instructors ( o/ ) or other good samaritans at user's own pace would be nice. A big part of dealing with ... rude, anger management people or newbies is just having a point of reference. Especially on ground STFs. The leap between normal and elite is stiff requiring changes in skill sets that people don't realize until after they've been thoroughly chewed out for not being perfect. More then a few times missing small details that didn't really matter enough to be noticed in normal.

On your STF Holodeck orientation course - I wanted to do a graphical STF guide some time back, to illustrate the layout of the mission and things to look out for, but having an interactive in-game presentation would be so much more fun and effective.
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