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08-24-2012, 03:24 AM
We're not going to be able to fight from the bridge. I would have liked it, but it's just not possible for the engine. However, there are other things that SHOULD be possible, that would make the Bridges somewhat more useful/immersive.

1. Have the viewer display the area you were in before you came to the bridge. So, if I was on DS9, the viewer would show an image of DS9.

2. Allow us to remain part of the chat channel we were in before we went to the bridge, or let us CHOOSE a channel to be part of, so we can remain social while ON the bridge.

3. Allow TRANSIT while on the ship. This would be accomplished by allowing the game to determine the distance between where we are and where we're going, and then calculate the time it would take to get there. The viewer would go to a stars moving screen, and once the time elapsed, we would be at the new location.
For instance, suppose I'm at DS9. I'm on my bridge and set a course to Sol. The distance is X, which the game calculates will take 7 minutes to travel. The viewer changes, and I can now putter around on the ship while in transit. 7 minutes later, I'm now at Sol, so when I leave the bridge, that is where I'll be.

Let's face it, there's NO reason for sector space. There's NOTHING THERE. No encounters, no nothing. Thus, we wouldn't really miss anything doing it this way. That said, they should not take sector space away, as some of us do still like travelling that way too.
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