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Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
With 2 Torps, is it still best to stack as many energy consoles as you can hold or does it become more profitable to throw a quantum chamber in there?
Depends on your skills and what you're fighting.
It's really down to how much damage you can pump out from each source.

In my case it worked out at about a 50|50 split in inflicted damage between energy weapons (the 2x DHC and 3x Turrets) and Torpedos (the 2x Launchers + DOFFS) before skills... but factoring in CRF and TS made energy weapons pull ahead, so I went with a console split that was slightly in favour of energy weaponry: 2x Energytype Consoles and 1x Torpedo Console.

Equipment loadout also plays a minor role: if you're flying Klingonside, bear in mind that the Honor Guard equipment's 2-set bonus is effectively an extra Torpedo Console. The Omega Set's 2-set bonus is probably better if you're going all-DHCs as it will add to the effect of your Energy weapons. Fedside, the MACO 2-set bonus is a straight recharge buff that applies to all your recharge times including weapons (it's quite easy to see an impact on Torpedo Launchers, but it's basically undetectable for standard Cannons/Turrets. You can just about detect a few extra shots over time for DHCs).

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