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I don't know if this counts as a mid or long-term idea, but I was recently given the task of promotion/demotion in my fleet:

I would appreciate an addition to the Fleet window showing sortable participation statistics.

This would help with coming up with a promotion/demotion candidate list.

With 500 fleet members, keeping track of fleet chat use, STF participation, Fleet marks, etc. is virtually impossible w/o playing 24 hours/day. Let fleet officers choose what metrics they want to use. Make the statistics not viewable to all players.

As a computer "person" I'd like to log chat to disk for gathering usage statistics. I'd also like to capture Roster info and fleet bank activity to disk for analysis. Most of this info is already available in the game, but it takes an excessive amount of work to process it.

If I could dump this info and process it w/a script I could generate a composite rating to use as a starting point.

Yes! I do like to make things complicated. I like to automate things.

In the very least make the roster listing sortable by last "login". My fleet has a policy to consider kicking those who are off for a month.

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