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08-24-2012, 10:48 AM
mid-long: i think a button should be added in case someone puts a fleet project in queue and wishes to remove it. Also I think Klingons should get more costumes in the exchange they only have one which is the academy while the federation side has many. I know a lot of people who would buy costumes for their klingons if more were available. Also fixing some bugs such as in STF where you have regens but it wont allow you to use them to heal while your in the STF and also when you get out you occasionally get the glitch that your in party when you aren't. Also as some have mentioned before as you go higher in tiers the fleet requires more specific duty officer and items that are very expensive on the exchange because some people don't have them. I remember reading about the base how the provisions and such would be scaled to the fleet; we have a small fleet and we don't see this happening so its been very hard to keep up with the base construction on both fed and kdf for smaller fleets