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So while checking out the new bar/lounge area on the fleet starbase, my camera freaked out and I saw into the depth of the starbase. Annoyingly I moved my mouse and lost the great view. So with a little maneuvering of my mouse I did get a few shots at this angle.

I am not sure if this is against PWE forum rules, if so you can happily remove the images if it is.

So they are no the best screenshots so forgive me.

So I wonder if this area will be accessible at a later time, when the starbase has been upgraded to a later tier, at present ours is tier II. I was thinking when the starbase has it's mushroom top.

In that area I saw shuttles flying around and in another area, I could not get a image of, there was 4-5 shuttles parked up. The other shuttles flying around were exiting and entering, what I am guessing was airlocks.

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