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Hi Bort,

Would you be able to give us some input on what savingj posted?

It's always seemed odd that tractor beams are designed to be slightly weaker against Cruisers - and yet overall Cruisers are generally more susceptible to them as they have less places to stick much needed counters (APO & Polarize Hull).

Aux to ID seems like it should do that and, but in fact does not.

It would be great if there were a tractor break available in engineering.

On top of this, the Inertial Damps skill provides a negligible benefit against tractor beams to justify it's cost based on placement in the skills tiers.
Regarding the Inertial Damps skill there was a time 3 points in this basically made one immune to TBs. This meant zero slots needed to be spent on counters. Still, I think it would be ok if it was more effective vs NPC TBs, eg pets, than player boff slotted skills.

The ability was meant to be more of a movement buff, phys resistance, and stun immunity. If you add in TB immunity you'd probably have to take one of the other attributes away. Personally I like the uniqueness of the skill as it is.

Fyi, there are other ways to deal w/TBs than PH and APO.

The link shows some ways I mentioned in another thread.