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This mission is a massive fail, so much so its pushing people from playing STO because we all get bogged down looking for these dosi rotguts and rom ale. I MEAN CMON you guys dont do JACK **** for drops in the missions that drop them, you guys TAKE AWAY TOUR OF THE UNIVERSE to constrict how ppl get their EC, and ITS A RIP off on the exchange cause everyone knows they need these drinks for the contract. Its barley even doable, in fact our fleets been at it for a week and a half and have barly gotten half of whats needed, and the exchange is just getting more expensive. Im saying this, at first I thought PWE had it worked out perfectly and content was good, but now im seeing how their attempt at the CE market has constricted players down to the point of " o man I gotta do this again and MAYBE get ONE drop" or "Man I cant get enough EC in one day to buy just one FRACKING drink for a mission that FRACKING requires 250 of them.." Yea...DEVS PLZ FIX... or suffer the fate of cryptic ..