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08-24-2012, 12:31 PM
In other words you are getting:

A starship variant (most likely cosmetic)
A free starship slot (For those of you that just HAVE to collect them all)
An exclusive Forum Title

Cryptic and PWE, please note that these types of rewards do NOT encourage people to shell out 300 USD for a lifetime membership, or the equivalent of $0.50 daily in monthly membership fees.

Please find better ways to reward your Gold members than with beads and trinkets. This is not Manhattan and we are not naieve natives that you can fool forever.

Some possibilities for Gold member rewards, since I believe anyone who denegrates a system should have an idea how it can be fixed:

GOLD Master Keys - one free per month to all Gold Members - allows you to open 10 lockboxes of your choice.
Latinum Series Master Keys - available only to Gold members with 500 days or more - allows you to open any number of lockboxs of a particular series (Each series key sold seperately) - available for the price of a 10 pack of regular keys in the Z Store
Latinum Master Key - K Series - A reward at 1000 days - Bound to Account, so it can be traded across characters - Allows unlimited opening of all lockboxes released up to and including the 1000 day mark of the game. (This means that the K1 series released with the 1000 day rewards would open Cardassian, Ferengi, and Tholian Lockboxes.)

The Latinum Series Keys are purchaseable, but the Gold and K Series keys are not.
The Gold Keys have a limited use, but neither of the Latinum Keys do (They are permanent keys)

If you were to implement this in some form, you would ensure that your PAYING MEMBERS would be the ones actually grabbing lockboxes in the hopes of winning the top prizes.

Do as you will, but realize that the longer that these Veteran rewards are left as purely Cosmetic, the fewer new subscribers you will attract.