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Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
This change is a no-go, sorry. Fleet duffs are supposed to be available for fleetbase advancements ... hence the name "fleet duffs". I cumpletely agree that they should NOT be abused for Recruitment XP and Dilithium grinding, that's logical. However, what exploit can be seen in donatring those duffs to the fleetbase assignments?

Okay, let's assume they won't put it back the way it was before, so can we see at least sum sort of marking that they are from a fleet store and cannot be donatred to the fleetbase anymore? Maybe a red dot sumwhere on the icon, or a different purrtrait borderline?

Oh and, while you're at it, can you please give KDF green, blue and purrple duffs a different borderline color? They look like FED duffs now and I can't really see which ones are KDF (and unsluttable for FED players).

~ Meowz

That and the tool to dissuade from abusing for fleet credits is pretty much in place. These are random DOFFs. There is no guarantee you'll get the exact DOFFs you need for that particular fleet project. I know I would not be too inclined to blow too much fleet cred on uncertain DOFFs when I am saving for a number of higher tier ships for PvP.
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