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Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
Hence we're doing the purrvisional ones with 25 duffs needed of either one or the other sub-specialty (Medic, Science / Operations, Engineer / Tactical, Security). That way it was 100% safe to get the a matching duff for the 750 fleet credits needed to be spent. You received like 150 or so credits back per duff, so the effective ameownt spent was just 600 credits.

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Forgive me I forgot about that. I was thinking on terms of specialists like the common Sensor DOFFs that go for 500,000ECs on the exchange right now. LOL

It's another topic I know but I have to say...

Common! 500,000ECs! We need like 30 of 'em.

Now common Mk I photon tops go for 80k as well.

They made a good mess of the exchange with the starbase grind and now the exchange is a mine field when it comes to specialist DOFFs needed to advance fleet projects. ROFL *it's a bitter kind of laugh*
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