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08-24-2012, 01:41 PM
You can buy Photon Torpedo MK I's from the ship item vendor of every social area (DS9, ESD, SB39, K7, etc.) for 512 or so EC per piece. Those aren't the problem.

I agree, sensor duffs are horribly expensive, also mainly because there were no fleet variants available. Also green diplomats for 500K+ EC are an issue for those repeating diplomatic 5th row assignments. Starbase operational asset provisioning assignments ... those are a pain in the rear end and my fleet avoids them at all costs. We do only the personal requisition provisioning ones, and - if necessary - the starbase buff ones which cost a small amount of duffs, but only the good ones (either or, therefore 100% success rate if getting fleet duffs ... up to now that is).

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