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Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
I rather think I understand the point well enough. People think that having a Cloak and a Phaser Lance on top of what a normal cruiser of its level has is not enough. This despite the fact that this was known to be exactly the ship they were purchasing when they bought it.

This also despite the fact that the ship that is the stablemate to it (the Odyssey-Tactical) also only gets two special abilities (Quantumn Slipstream and Aquarius Escort).

And all of this on a hull that is defined as an upgraded retrofit of the Galaxy Class, and required extensive hull modifications to pull off.

Might as well ask for a new class of ship, as this one seems pretty much where it should be, and the only way it will satisfy people who don't think that is with the modifications I suggested.

But then, I don't -really- understand, do I?
I wouldn't mind a new ship at all to accomplish this.

The reason the topic is most prevalent with the Dreadnought is because people expect the Federation to have atleast one "Battlecruiser" and I think they expect more than what the Dreadnought and Odyssey Tactical deliver. Consider the Bortasqu Tactical on the Klingon side. That is what a "Battlecruiser" is supposed to be. Look at that and compare it to the Dreadnought and on the surface I think they were designed with the same goal in mind but the Dreadnought was stuff with engineering consoles and BOFF's instead. The Dreadnought seems to exist in the middle of two worlds of combat when it seems like it should just be Tactical. Hope I am making sense.

Judging by everyones response it sounds like I should just play Klingon to get what I want since the play community seems to hate people that want the Federation to have a Battlecruiser. Just don't understand the hatred.