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08-24-2012, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by wotertool View Post
The Romulans were so friendly to give us the cloak for ****ty D7 Cruisers

Back to the topic,
If the Galaxy X gets a Refit I think I'm going to buy it. Atm I fly an Assualt Cruiser and I think I will buy the Regent for Dilithm (Dilithium Exchange). But I would throw it away for a Gal-R Refit!
Yes. they traded the ability for warp travel to an agressive empire which since then has attacked them several times and actually is more or less their blood enemy for.. the ability to hide.

Good job klinkers, good.job.

galx refit would be fine with +2 turnrate (bumping it to escelsior) and the regent boff setup.
Oh and make the lanco combo-capable with bo3? ^^