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08-24-2012, 04:02 PM
Having this issue too, particularly noticeable with Gravity Wells, but also Quantum Torpedoes sometimes appear almost invisible (it looks like just the light 'halo' around them but no actual torpedo); repulsor/tractor beams sometimes don't show (leading to some amusing wtf am I/am I not moving moments...).

These are the main ones, there may be more less noticeable (like the big purple patch on the Mirror Event, also vanishes from time to time). It seems panning the camera about randomly usually causes things to reappear (sometimes briefly).

Running a shiny new AMD/Radeon crossfired system with plenty of memory so that's not the issue. Amusingly my old P4 with an even older AGP card didn't seem to have any trouble (other than about 12fps most of the time...)

Be nice to see a fix for this, again it seems it started with S6, but I'm not sure. Maybe something to do with the changes to the Bloom?

Seriously, just get rid of the big glowy white clouds! And give me my Grav wells back.

Other than all that, loving it