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Originally Posted by dwapook View Post
Sooo that might explain why a lot of the federation personal wear similiar uniforms on starbases, they might be the ones designated to deal with civilian inquiries. Disciplne and proffessionalism are instilled in them with training. They're unified by their ideals.

That argument has played in my head before.. Federation officials, back and forth, debating the positives and negatives of both sides.. The federation, with an open mind, finally come to the decision to go forward with the uniform policy change. Especially due to observing all of the positive benefits one of the aliens races had undergone existing with such policies in their own world.

I was very irrated about not having standard uniforms too, but I moved on.. I'd prefer there be a standard uniform but I don't see that happening..
I agree. With all the rest of the silliness, that Cryptic has excreted into the Star Trek license, it seems rather vapid, and petty, to be hung up on the uniform thing.