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08-24-2012, 03:46 PM
you aint gonna like this ( and to be frank i really dont care at this point..) BUT...i hate you now (figuratively) for this... BUT as a user and a person who PAYS money to this game im saying my two cents worth.

i spent earlier today alot of cash to buy zen to aid my starbase and fleet.

Then you drop this on us unannounced hours later without evena hint you were gonna do it prior...

Amazing how you leave something important like that out of the regular channels... NO IM NOT PLEASED!

Again its more profit mongering and no clear cut fxes or benefits to your regular subscribers and userbase..(despite the continual outcry from them) ...

You dont fix the bugs that ppl tell you about (THE IMPORTANT ONES THAT IS) and continue to promote more type of trivial over expensive crap in its place and more so on a whim of late like its a good thing (knowing full well ppl have been buying zen cos of the rediculously overpriced starbase construction projects...

HELL YOU CANT EVEN CONTACT STEAM TO FIX THEIR WALLE T PRICERS FOR THE UK!.. so whats the point of a 15% increase when ppl in the uk using steam get ripped off by the stupidity of season 6's lauch where the zen priices are wrong.. or if we buy through PWE's site we get taxed on the exchange rate from euros...

this promotion is POINTLESS unless you live in the USA folks (im not bashing USA ppl) but it really only benefits them.

more so personally im peeved it was not even announced hours after i just spent a shed load of cash on zen to convert to ec's and DIL to help further my fleet (all cos of the stupid BS of the requirements and pitiful payout of the fleet advancement missions.

THERE RANT OVER! to quote yoda.."p**** o*** i am!"