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08-24-2012, 06:49 PM
They use a souped-up 'isometric discharge console' from the kdf,

Its an electrical attack (so you have little to no resistance to it)

It can 'arc' between players, jumping from one to another dealing larger damage each hit up to 3/4 times.

My only solution is, when the neg'var is loose, evasive maneuvers yourself at least 6km from any ally (including turrets/aecton assimilatiors) ((not sure about carrier pets))

This way you get hit with the initial attack (which is in most cases non-fatal) and it wont arc to your teammates, or back you you.

The animation of the discharge is a very small whitish ball that flies at speeds similar to scramble sensors or viral matrix, faster than a torp, not as fast as a cannon volley.