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I didn't want to publish that kind of figures on the forums, but I think it's necessary to do so so that the devs get some help fixing the mess they made with the new fleet doff system. My point is to prove that it's the worst feature they introduced since the starbases exists, it can still kill the starbase system and the last - and poor - "fix" which makes the player unable to use them as project inputs just generates frustration and brings no solution to the issue they tried to fix.

I'll be using real figures and I will justify them with facts about my fleet. I can't give names, sorry, it's against the terms of service.

My fleet currently got 6.500.000 fleet credits. We are a small but active fleet of 20 players or so, but 10 of us are really active. We are a really small fleet but we can already break the whole starbase system with the fleet doff vendor and just rest on what we have, waiting for T5 to come without any efforts.

The top credits earned are:

It's pretty balanced. We didn't run any special projects after the first week, except the vanity ones.

So we have a total of 6.500.000 Fleet credits for an almost T2 starbase.

With this amount of fleet credits, we can buy right now 6.500.000/500 = 13.000 white fleet doffs. Of course, we can't use them, but we can be silly and go right away to starfleet academy and turn them into 13.000/5 = 2600 green ones.

Of couse, we have no use for green doffs, so we will revert them back to white, but genuine white doffs, which means 2600*3= 7800 genuine doffs.

Of couse, we won't stop here, because the party isn't over.

Grinding 5 whites into greens gives 50 recruitement CXP, and ungrinding 1 green gives us 100. Consequently, we get 150 cxp for each green doff. We will get 150*2600 = 390.000 CXP. This CXP can be turned into 390.000/75 = 5200 fleetmarks, which means 260.000 all new fleet credits we can enjou to milk more doffs.

This isn't over yet! Our 7800 genuine white doffs can give us 7800*100 = 780.000 fleet credits.

Consequently, we can generate (260.000 + 780.000)/500 = 2080 new fleet doffs, ie 2080/5*3 = 1248 new genuine doffs.

Of course, these 1248 new doffs are theoretical, since we won't be able to use immediately our former 7800 genuine white doffs, but they will exist at some point. Which means that the system could be repeated to reach more than 10k white useable doffs! With only 10 to 20 active players! Since the trick can be repeated until the last fleet credit disappears, the ~10% of civilian doffs are already removed from this amount of doffs.

Of course, we will still need some fleetmarks, but I guess that with some training, most of us can learn to slot the most profitable doff assignments for 20k CXP a day. Teaching that to 10 people isn't a big deal. So I guess we may have fun watching the starbase projects automatically complete after a lot of tedious but short transwarps between our starbase and starfleet academy. At least we're safe until T4, and the CXP we grinded should provide enough doffs to achieve T5.

Now, I hope everyone - devs included - understand why this fleet doff system is a game breakiing feature. They are incredibly too cheap. Their price needs to be raised x200 or 300, and it will still mean a good amount of doffs. Your last emergency feature removal did nothing but make people angry at you since you offered us the (almost) infinite doff generator and brought a new feature to trap other players on the exchange with fleet doffs.

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