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Originally Posted by jfinderdev View Post
Ryandebraal, I tested ST-HHUCJI72A. Your project benefits most from two more optimizations coming down the pipeline that on my computer cut the lag in half. These optimizations were put in the pipeline a bit too late to get out yesterday, but they are both done.
That's good to hear.

As of now I've stopped using the Foundry because it has become an exercise in futility, the frustrating Map interface makes me less likely to write thoughtful dialog because I just see it all as placeholders that I'll comeback to once I can actually work with the interface and not fight an uphill battle against it.

I admit the scope of my project is beyond what most missions probably entail. I've used all 15 possible map transitions, half of the maps are 1 building or 1 NPC group away from "exceeding" the maximum memory alotment and I am using 50 costumes to give variety to non quest NPCs that would just wander around.

So I'm not expecting a miracle but after populating one more additional map with trees/buildings/NPCs the lag jumped from 3 seconds to easily 10 seconds, and it's rage inducing if you misclick and suddenly not only failed to perform the action you wanted but you must now dedicate atleast the next minute to putting right what has gone wrong before you can even make the initially intended change.

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