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So I just went into the tailor, and just happened to click on my Photonic Sci Boff. You know, the one that much like the Reman, Breen, and Jem'Hadar, has NO customization options, right?

Well, not anymore.

Well, there's definitely a glitch here. Of what sort, I cannot say. Should we not have access to the customization options? Or is the glitch the inability to save it? As you can see, EVERY costume option is available, from Gorn head, chest, and hand options to Nausicaan armor and ferengi head dress. To be honest with you, I hope that it does become customizable. The fact that it wasn't has baffled me for 2 years. It's a hologram, it should have the most options.

So what's the story, Cryptic? Is this like the [Redacted] ship, and it accidentally made it into the live game before you were ready to reveal it, or what?

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