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08-24-2012, 11:23 PM
After almost a month going back and forth with the peanut labs customer care; I just gave up

I closed the ticket; told them to put their zen where their mouth is and cancelled the subscription to netflix.

Please be aware; this whole thing smells like a very light system to take advantage and collect a ton of personal data to me; and these are the arguments that I have:

1) no guarantee to complete a survey; they could walk away with half survey done and then tell you "sorry, you don't qualify". This is in theory to avoid to have you to answer what they want you to answer, but you should ask 1 question or 2 and then cut off the person, not get halfway trough, and as soon as you say something like "i don't plan to buy in the next 6 months", automagically you get disconnected.

2) the whole idea of buying services for zen is good; but only if they pay for real. In my case they said that the transaction with netflix didn't go trough them for some doesn't matter if I subscribed and had an account with netflix for more than 20 days; they never replied when I told them that was their fault. And I cancelled the subscription (plus I know people at netflix so I can get to their exec to give the the great news).

I do not say that they never pay, but they probably pay 1 and let other 2 to die of a horrible death in rage and anger, because they didn't got their free zen for a purchase or a quote.

A serious company does not reply to me saying "you didn't go trough our system...did something happened while you sign up?"; a serious company tells me "give me the account that you created and the receipt that prove that you created the account and in 5 business days I give you what I promised".

I will NOT deal with them anymore; and I want to publicly warn others about what this company may be lucky once, but sooner or later you will get bitten by some mystical technical problem, and will find out what is really going on.

On a side note; if there are enough complains, it is possible to start a class action.

Be safe out there....STO is the game that we love and play; we don't care about Peanut Labs