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08-24-2012, 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by profthadbach View Post
This is a sad sad scam. I have received no credit form all 3 of the large offers i did. I think PW should do more due diligence when they are dealing with companies like this. This damages their image with the community and damages the IP as well. This is Zinga Studio tactic and makes PW look shady. It saddens be that PW feels they need to do this for easy cash instead of developing a game that will have long term growth. This really tells me where PW's priorities are and they are not with the long term sustainability of this game.

Edit------I have gotten 4 phone calls in the last 2 hours. You think if I filled out their stupid surveys and get harassed I would get some Zen for it. Thankfully, for me, my identity is not worth stealing. It is sad that PW has stooped to such tactics to milk us for money. I doubt I will spend anymore real money to buy any Zen.

Also, Because of this I will not be playing Neverwinter. I would quit STO and Champions if I had not bought LT subs 3 years ago.

I think treating the customer with respect instead of hiring scam artist to bleed your customer base is the best way to build a sustainable business model. Obviously PW does not think that way and has no respect for us as customers.
Please don't mix Peanut labs with PW and PW with Cryptic.

I gave my money (lifetime, 399 dollars without thinking twice, 3 months before the launch I was already in beta) to Cryptic because I financed the development of the game, and up to season 4 the game was not even worth 200 dollars; but then it became better, I appreciated what they did...until the F2P and PW acquisition.

This thou has nothing to do with PL; they are the ones that are not part of PW or Cryptic, and just use these offers to lure people, and in exchange for the data and subs, they give you zen

I can't say anything about Cryptic since seems that they are basically following what PW says; so I would blame PW not for the scam, but for allowing this company to take advantage of the players of THEIR game, with such petty and cheap tricks.

I hate deeply this whole zen/points thing that is going on in the modern MMORPG games, but if this is what it is I just gotta decide if I want to spend or not; but at least I would expect that PW would have some people with principles that would think "gosh, these players may spend money with us, they pay our check...let's avoid that they have to deal with shady companies"

I know that you see me as a bag of money, not as a player, but at least do something fair, instead of closing your eyes and think that everything is fine....too bad if now and then someone get screwed.

Anyway; I go back to the game; I will investigate this company and see what can be done legally to be sure that if they tell you "you get X zen" you get them, no matter what.