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# 1 Mega-OP stuff
08-25-2012, 01:07 AM
Here's just a fun thought, make up super overpowered stuff we know would never be in the game as usable/playable things. It can be ships, or equipment, new races, etc etc etc.

Try to keep it within what the game has and can do of course, so it's still 'Trek', even if it is REALLY OP Trek. Extreme, without being in a 'galaxy, far far away' as it were.

For example:

Drek'Hi Dreadnought (the giant space-station looking thing that Fek'Ihri fly):

Base hull: 250,000
Turn rate: 1
Crew: 10,000
4 fore, 4 aft weapons
10 to all power settings
4 hangar bays (starts with S'kul fighters, can equip Fer'jai frigates)
Can equip cannons.
Can equip the Phase Shift console from the Kar'fi.
Consoles: 4 tactical, 4 engineering, 4 science.
BOFF slots: Cmdr Tactical, Lt. Cmdr Sci, Lt. Cmdr Engineering, Lt. Universal, Ensign universal.

So how is that for stupidly overpowered?

Have fun making other stuff mega-OP.

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