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08-25-2012, 03:25 AM
@skurf: I'm guessing, but ... they're probably only T2 because the fleet DOffs were just introduced, what, a week ago?
Also, why would you slot any project that needs non-generic DOffs at all? No reason. That's actually part of what diogeno0 is saying - IF you understand the system, you can abuse it. If you don't ... well, then you get abused.
'Looks like you are on the "getting abused" side, and diogene0 isn't.

@commodoreshrvk: what you're missing: you will still generate tons and TONS of fleet credits from the dil- and EC-contributions to starbase projects. Enough to keep the machinery running nearly forever. just a bit of actually playing, and it's actually "forever", without the "nearly".

Fleet Credits weren't MEANT to do something. All they were for was making people race the leaderboard. Giving them actual value was a major brainfart. The "fix" they made this week was an even worse one, as it really didn't stop the leak they opened, it just made most(!) people look the other way while busy raging, with a side-dish of economy-destruction. I'd call it an epic brainfart.

Essentially diogene0 is right: Once you got your starbase to T2, with a core of active and smart players ... well, you got your perpetuum mobile right there, a self-building starbase. Fortunately he left out enough that you'll have to do some thinking to copy it, it's not a fuil "how-to"-guide, but he's certainly given you enough of a hint.
And more than enough of a hint to make the devs think twice about it, I hope.
Expect a lot of drastic changes and nerfs soon, and even more crying and raging.

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