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Originally Posted by doctortiki View Post
Hopefully this will put me in good shape for the challenges to come
Looks really solid.

Taking Shield Emitters all the way up to 9 isn't completely vital, but it'll certainly not be a wasted investment. It'll bump up your shield heals a bit and raises the bonus energy granted by EPTS (I've capped it out on one of my own characters to just get one extra energy point out of EPTS1) and you've really got nowhere better to put the spare points!

Driver Coil will make you go a bit quicker in sector space, but your maximum speed will eventually cap out at Warp 10 until you pickup Engines that can break that barrier (Like the Borg Engines)

If you ever find yourself occasionally wanting to PVP you can always take a few points out of Shield Emitters and Driver Coil and stick them into Power Insulators. It's nice to have a little bit of a buffer to work with!

Bridge Officer Powers and equipment will make all the difference now. (I'm sure you've already discovered that a ship's energy weapons 'type' should always match its Tactical Consoles, and that BOFF powers like Hazard Emitters, EPTS and Tactical Team are the cornerstones of a good build! There are a lot of tricks you can pull with DOFFs, but for levelling up, TT1x2+EPTS1x2+HE1+Aux2SIF1 will let you survive pretty much anything... and for most stuff you won't even need double-copies of TT or EPTS)

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