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08-25-2012, 05:31 AM
Consider switching fleets to the Borg Defence Fleet Omega (Yeah I know 'Defence' is spelled wrong, blame the founder). We are a great fleet, large in size and can provision items fairly quickly. We also do not limit access to fleet stores to any of our ranks minus 'Recruit', which is the lowest rank that people are usually promoted from 2 weeks after joining to full member status or 'Ensign' which opens the fleet store provisions. Members are welcome to buy whatever they want including ships (In fact got boatloads of them), as long as they have the fleet credits and don't abuse the privilege (hasn't happened yet). We are also starting in September a promotion in which members can win a free fleet ship module (still in the works).

Just something to consider if you get fed up with your current fleet. PM or Mail me at Udimir@Hiveman5 if you decide you want to join or have additional questions.
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Borg Armor/Implant Bodysuits for Existing Liberated Borg Captains, Dominion/Cardassian Faction?, More STFs and end game content, More Undine and Iconian story progression, More Sectors and Sector Blocks. Also at least 25% reduction of new bugs added to the game.