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Originally Posted by maina View Post
Not enough content?

PvP sucks?

Personally I'd bet on too many currencies, since most posters here have that problem. Oh! Wait! a C-Store in a new game?

Some of YOUR most beloved posters rant about this game, and starting tomorrow we get to see the same as we have now. So list your first complaints....

My first complaint about GW2? I don't get to keep the same name as in GW1...Wait, never mind, figured that out also.

My new first complaint is, my new mez (or ele) can't wear a schoolgirl outfit. (Come to think of it, that's my current problem in Trek....)
Hopefully sarcasm or joking. Of course it will have a store. GW1 had one but it wasn't a sub game AND a store like STO was.

PvP? Even Cryptic has come out and said their PvP is weak and never been their strong suit.

And the name thing though could be broken. I grabbed a name that was unavailable when I tried to reserve it in GW1. Either broken or that person never got GW2 or log in to GW1 in the time period thus not reserving the name.

Now my complaint though is their servers not able to handle the stress. Normally this is expected but A-Net's way of "stress testing" GW2 was a joke. They announced stress tests on Twitter and Facebook (NOT their own site btw) like an hour before it happened and only lasted for 1 or 2 hours in the middle of weekdays. So how they did the stress tests makes it look bad when the servers actually get stressed and fails.

And that does frustrate me how they did the stress tests to the point I can't really tell how much you're joking and how much you're serious right now.

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