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08-25-2012, 06:45 AM
You know what? Be happy that there still are such dedicated players out there who spend 100 dullies a week to support STO for a bright future. If there weren't such players, STO wouldn't have made it past the F2P era. I admit, I spend quite a sum of cash on these Zen / CP as well, mainly to help my fleet friends and fleet in general, butt also to get good gear and enjoy the game on a higher level. I also do sum roleplaying, I own all DVD / Blu-Ray boxes with Star Trek in it, because I luv Trek and I support the franchise as good as I can. I work 100%, butt in my free time, I live Trek.

I have respect for those who don't wish to pay and farm instead, it's all good. Butt if you think those who pay more (even if it's 200 dullies or more a week) are crazy ... better think twice. This game needs the money from the customers, the playerbase. Without the money, the game dies. Simply put.

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