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08-25-2012, 06:45 AM
@zorbane: The best way to rid the making of "quickies" such as "Water the Bush" parts 1-3 would be to demand the mission have a minimum requirement of 3 objectives and 2 maps. People would be less likely to produce such missions and players would be inclined to actually play something with merit.

This imo is abusing the Foundry as a cheat machine and the real goal of the daily 3 is to have players check out missions of substance in the Foundry.

@markhawkman: Why on Earth would you want to chop up your mission just to make it quick? I chewed my Mom out about her making a 2 part mission when she has plenty of room in the first part slot. She is reconsidering and last we spoke about it, she said the Foundry was just having "too many issues" to continue and she is waiting to see about it sometime next month...

I am currently working on a new mission with or without the issues, I say damn the photon torpedoes, full warp speed ahead!